MultiPass is a certified partner of Polycom, the global leader in unified communication solutions and interoperability. We implement and integrate videoconferencing solutions with other systems, such as wired and wireless voice transmission (including IP telephony) and give the ability to share content in high definition. Polycom is the smart choice for organizations seeking proven competitive advantage to maximize the quality of interaction.

We offer a full range of solutions, ranging from multi-screen RealPresence® halls, by the typical conference rooms, personal solutions, to mobile communications for smartphones, tablets or laptops.
Real Presence Experience 418Real Presence Mobile on iPhoneHDX 8000 Room Telepresence

Recently announced new Polycom UC solutions allow to communicate and collaborate between all types of users. Today, it does not matter whether you're in a large conference room, small office, home or on the road, the technology will allow you to be present on all most important meetings. Users can be on many such meetings in a single day with people from all over the world, not even moving out from their own environments.

Below we put a few links to videos, showing what you can expect from the modern visual communication systems. We are ready to demonstrate those systems live, you can also test the solutions in your own environment. If you are interested in getting familiar with such solutions or you would like to test them, pleasedo not hesitate to contact us.

Polycom Innovations Video - all about newest revolutionary solution allowing connection of any users and any platforms together into one conference

Polycom Goes Mobile - solutions for tablets and smartphones


Polycom Immersive Telepresence Overview - "life-like" solutions for conference rooms with unique features from Polycom. Short overview about immersive telepresence systems.


Polycom RealPresence White Board (Polycom UC Board)

Transform ordinary surfaces into virtual whiteboards, making video whiteboarding as easy as picking up a pen


Polycom EagleEye Director - innovative camera technology that delivers a breakthrough, ‘directed’, telepresence experience in every HDX or Group Series environment

Video conferencing is meant to connect people intimately.  Unfortunately, many videoconferences feel more like two connected rooms than two groups of people talking directly with one another and really connecting.

Polycom EagleEye Director delivers an affordable and personalized telepresence experience in group meetings. It accomplishes this by intelligently emulating professional video production techniques. The result is direct, intimate communication, and more productive meetings with no remote control or user intervention required